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Bean to Bar




We are thrilled to unveil our latest production for Oberweis, featuring one of their biggest passions - Chocolate!

When Tom & Jeff Oberweis approached us earlier last year to produce this video, we were given complete creative freedom and their trust. This allowed us to develop a unique concept, where we divided the different steps of their chocolate production into individual chapters.

However, food videography was uncharted territory for us, and shooting with chocolate proved to be more complex than we initially anticipated, as its temperature-reactive nature and tendency to change colour over time presented some challenges.

Thankfully, Frank from @frankweberstudio lent us his expertise and provided us with the perfect studio for the shoot. With years of experience in food photography, Frank shared invaluable tricks and insights that helped us achieve outstanding results.

We are extremely grateful to everyone at Oberweis, especially Tom Oberweis, for placing their trust in us and allowing us to bring our ideas to life. And we must say, not only does the final product look amazing, but it also tastes incredibly delicious ! ­čŹź